Mr. Mukesh Jain

Analytics, AI, ML & DL Leader (ex-Microsoft, ex-Jio)

Mukesh Jain is Practitioner of Analytics, AI, ML & DL Leader since 1995.

He is Technologist, Techno-Biz Leader, Data Scientist, Author, Coach and Teacher.

He has led & built large scale Product Engineering, Analytics/AI/ML driven Innovation and Digital Transformation at Microsoft, Jio, NICE Systems and VFS Global. These products are used by Millions of people worldwide.

He has 23 yrs of experience working with legendary people like Bill Gates, Satya Nadella and Mukesh Ambani.

He is recognized leader and regular speaks at International conferences, B-Schools, Engineering Colleges on variety of topics and latest technology trends.

He worked at Microsoft for 13.5 years (mostly in USA) as R&D Engineering Director leading large global engineering teams and built products like Outlook, Hotmail, Bing, Bing Analytics, Microsoft Advertising. In 2011, he moved to India to setup Microsoft R&D centre in Bangalore and provided strategic & technical leadership for Microsoft-Yahoo! Alliance leading engineering teams in Bing Analytics & Advertising.

In 2012, he joined Reliance Jio as Vice President & Head at Analytics & Advertising. He led Advertising Business, Telecom Analytics, Mobile Advertising RTB Platform, SMAC & Big Data Analytics. He developed the strategy and built one of the largest Big Data Analytics Platform in India providing real-time dashboard, detailed scorecard, predictive & prescriptive analytics for all the Jio Mobile Apps & Telecom Operations.

He is Author of 2 analytics books – “Delivering Successful Projects” & “Web Performance Improvements”

Times of India awarded him “Top 25 Top 25 Most Innovative HR Tech Leader of India” and “Technology Leadership Award” from Economic Times.

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