Dr. Vijay Gabale

Co-founder and CTO Infilect

Vijay Gabale is co-founder and CTO of Infilect. Infilect builds products towards intelligent retail automation targeting FMCG brands and retail store chains. Infilect products empower its customers with unprecedented speed and visibility in design, sales, marketing and execution processes in the retail domain. Deep learning enabled computer vision forms the core competence of Infilect products. Prior to cofounding Infilect, Vijay was a research scientist with IBM research. Vijay obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from IIT Bombay in 2012. Vijay has extensively worked on intelligent networks and systems by applying machine learning and deep learning techniques. Vijay has published research papers in top-tier conferences such as SIGCOMM, KDD and has several patents to his name.

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